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Chocolate Zucchini Brownies

If you are intolerant to gluten or have other problems with gluten and you are craving tasty brownies, look no further!

This brownies recipe is not only gluten free but are made with Cacao, Maca and Camu Camu powder for a boost of health benefits. 


Guarana Oat Smoothie

Do you feel the spike and crash from your morning coffee? Try guarana powder!

Rich in Vitamin A, C, Calcium, antioxidants and theobromine which help increasing your energy levels, improves blood flow and speeds up your metabolism.

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Immunity Smoothie

This sugar free smoothie is packed with vitamins, Omegas and antioxidants which helps your immune system, normal growth and development of bones in children, supports a healthy heart, improves the look of your skin and hair.

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Camu Camu

Chia Pudding

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Recipe here

Positivity Granola Topper

Make your granola exciting with a selection of Superfoods on top. Here's a great Positivity Blend combination


American Pancakes

Superfood American Pancakes to die for!

 They are gluten free, sugar free, easy to make, light and fluffy, but most importantly they are tasty and packed with vitamins, antioxidants and omega's thanks to our organic sea-buckthorn. Looking after your healthy has never been so easy!