You spoke...we listened! Here's how we have improved.

Here at Unfiltered Vegan we are constantly striving to offer you the best superfood products to support a healthy lifestyle and we value your feedback.

This is why we have made some changes to improve our products based on what you have told us and here is what we have done.


We want more variety of products that are easy to us!

We started with a small range of products to see what our customers enjoyed. It turns out you love our Superfood Blends and the amazing Sea Buckthorn but you wanted more!

We have now introduced Overnight Oat mixes with superfoods. These mixes are a quick, easy, hassle-free and healthy breakfast or snack which contains fibre, protein and a range of essential vitamins and minerals. We have started with a Sea Buckthorn Overnight Oats and a Chocolate Overnight Oats but look out for more delicious mixes coming very soon!


The Superfood Powder escapes!

We tried to fill our eco friendly tubes to the top to give you the largest amount of the superfood powder possible - however we realised that when lifting the lid too fast the powder escaped or the tube was messy.

We now pack our powders into compostable bags inside the tubes...yes you can use every single bit of our products without any spillage and in the knowledge that the bags will biodegrade. We are using the same cardboard tubes which are 100% recycled and recyclable.


The lids are difficult to remove!

We tried to hold our lids on with the label with a serrated tear off surround - however the labels stuck too well and it was difficult to open the tube to access the delicious superfoods.

We now have a new tube design and new labels with easy access to the products you know and love.


Where's the Protein Powder?

We didn't have a superfood blend for customers wanting to build muscle mass - the closest we could offer was Performance Blend which, although it is perfect for pre and post workouts, is tailored more towards aerobic exercise, runners and cyclists.

We are delighted to have launched Protein Power Blend which combines rice protein (80% protein), baobab fruit , mango and banana providing 15g of protein per serving. A superb addition to the collection of superfood blends!


We really hope you like our new and improved Superfood Blends, Overnight Oats and our old favourite Sea Buckthorn. Check out the website for all the information you need and we look forward to hearing what you think.

Stay happy and healthy!

All the best,

Georgiana & Rob

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